May 2013

29 May

Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Category: Neighborhoods | Author: admin
Greenpoint, Brooklyn is a lovely neighborhood just north of Williamsburg. I've heard such great things about it, but never been there for myself...until recently. I decided to walk every single...
22 May

DIY Whiteboard

Category: Companies We Love | Author: admin
A whiteboard in your home office is a fun way to keep notes/brainstorm/stay organized and doodle. I considered purchasing one but couldn't find one big enough and wanted a nice looking one since it...
16 May

Renting in Bushwick

Category: Neighborhoods | Author: admin
The new buzz in town is Bushwick. Many people are flocking to this neighborhood in Brooklyn because it's affordable and is starting to have a similar vibe as Williamsburg. Apartments: What you...
03 May

Tips on signing a lease

Category: Signing A Lease | Author: admin
Lease: A lease is a binding legal contract between you and the landlord. The lease spells out all the terms in order to rent the apartment. It includes the amount due every month, the length of the...

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