Best Affordable Neighborhoods in Brooklyn

Parts of Brooklyn are now more desirable than areas in Manhattan. Unfortunately this only means that the rents are now just as expensive in those areas. For instance, in Williamburg, one bedrooms are starting around $2500 a month, and 2 bedrooms, $3200! I recently saw a 1 bedroom apartment in Cobble Hill, for $3000 and it wasn’t even that amazing. I was shocked.

So where’s a Brooklyn lover suppose to live if they are on a low budget? Below is a break down the best areas (safety, trendy, and commutable to Manhattan).

1. BushwickBushwick
Bio: Bushwick is probably the most up and coming areas in all of Brooklyn. Many young artist who love the diversity of Williamsburg but can’t afford the high rent are flocking to the next stop of the L train. The area is still in the beginning stages of gentrification so the fun bars, unique restaurants and trendy shops haven’t quite made their debut.

Rental Market:

Studios/1 beds- $1200-$1400
2 beds- $1700-$2000
3 beds- $2300-$3000
4 Beds-$3300-$4000+

Safety: There are certain areas of Bushwick (when you get farther away from subways) that I wouldn’t recommend people walking by themselves late at night. As long as you are near an active street you should be fine.

Commute: Bushwick is accessible by the J/M/L trains. On average it should take you about 20 minutes to get into Manhattan.
To read more about Bushwick, go here.

2. Clinton Hill/Bed StuyClinton Hill:Bed Stuy Map

Bio: Clinton Hill is a beautiful and highly desirable neighborhood composed of historic brown stones and unique cafes. The bordering neighborhood, Bed-Stuy is not so nice. The area that borders Clinton Hill and Bed-Stuy is another example that is undergoing change. In this border  you will find luxury buildings or renovated apartments that are relatively affordable, and close to prime Brooklyn.
Rental Market: 
Studios/1 beds- $1300-$1600
2 beds- $1600-$2100
3 beds- $2400-$3000
4 Beds-$3100-$4000+
Safety: The area is fairly safe because it’s monitored by police constantly. As long as you don’t venture deeper into Bed-Stuy you shouldn’t have any issues.
Commute: Clinton Hill/Bed Stuy is accessible primarily by the G train. If you walked closer to Fulton street, you can catch the C train which will get you into Manhattan faster than the G.

3. Bay RidgeView Verazzano bridge

Bio: A truly hidden gem in Brooklyn. This beautiful neighborhood is in the south-western part of Brooklyn. If you are looking for a quiet neighborhood that will make you feel like home, this is your ‘hood. Filled with great restaurants, bars, cafes and retail. The residential dwellings vary from stunning mansions, to average homes, to large prewar buildings to 3 family homes.
Rental Market:
Studios/1 beds- $1000-$1400
2 beds- $1600-$1900
3 beds- $2000-$2600
Safety: Very very safe. The majority of the neighbors are families who have been in the area for a long time. Crime rate is very low in Bay Ridge.
Commute: Probably the only negative about this area is that it is only accessible by the R train, which will take you about 45mins to get into Manhattan.

4. South WilliamsburgSouth Williamsburg Map-NYTIMES

Bio: When people shutter the name “Williamsburg”, the area that would come to mind is north of Grand where you’ll find high end boutiques, unique cafes, and apartments costing more than in some neighborhoods in Manhattan. South Williamsburg, south of Grand, went untouched until people who wanted to live in Williamsburg, but couldn’t afford it, came trickling down. The once Hasidic-Hispanic area is now seeing a wave of new bars, restaurants and neighbors. Since it’s still in the beginning stages of gentrification, rents are still affordable, and you still can tell all your friends that you live in “Williamsburg.” However finding a good deal is not easy to come by.
Rental Market:
Studios/1 beds- $1600-$2000
2 beds- $2000-$2700
3 beds- $2800+
Safety: Some areas of S. Williamsburg, especially in the parks are usually occupied by the homeless. The closer you are to the train, the safer you will be.
Commute: Here you will find the M/J train, which is just one or two stops away from Manhattan. You can also catch the L train if you are in the more northern area of South Williamsburg.

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  1. Shahin Jaberinasab says:

    What neighborhood in Brooklyn is affordable, but at the same time is very safe. When I mean safe I mean I can walk late at night and not have to even be concerned about my safety. Is that Bay Ridge still?

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