Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Greenpoint, Brooklyn is a lovely neighborhood just north of Williamsburg. I've heard such great things about it, but never been there for myself...until recently. I decided to walk every single street of Greenpoint to map out the best areas to live. I also talked with some locals about their neighborhood to get some insider scoop about the rental market, safety, transportation and restaurant/bars.
Street Overview

Red Streets: These streets are still very industrial and could have potential to be unsafe at night because they are not populace after work hours.

  • Sutton and Morgan Street between Norman and Nassau Ave are starting to change (especially closer to Nassau Ave) and become a bit more residential. You may find some new buildings here that could be more affordable.

Blue Streets: These streets are very residential and are desirable and safe to live on. Kent Avenue

  • Kent Ave is a landmarked street with gorgeous brownstone homes.
  • McGuniess Blvd (west side) is a street that is being built up with luxury condos. It's kind-of the highway of Greenpoint. So it may be noisy.

Purple Streets: These streets are the busier streets of Greenpoint, consisting of restaurants, bars, delis and other local businesses. These streets are:

  • Manhattan Ave
  • Greenpoint Ave
  • Franklin Street

Rental Market
I spoke with many locals about how much they pay for their rent. Overall I got a wide range of answers. What I found out is that people who lived here before it was gentrified are paying anywhere from $1200-$1400 for their one or two bedroom apartments. They said these deals are very hard to find now-a-days. Locals mentioned that if they were to move out, their landlord would increase their rent to market rates. See below for market rates:

Studios/1 Bedrooms: $1900-$2100
2 Bedrooms: $2600-$3300
3 Bedrooms: $2900-$4000 (Locals said there was not that many 3 bedroom apartments)

I also met with a Realtor from Dreamspace Realty to discuss rental prices and she confirmed the above was accurate. 
All the locals said Greenpoint is very safe and quiet. They wouldn't reccomend people walking around the industrial area (indicated red on the map above) as it's pretty desolate at night, but there is no reason why you would want to anyways, unless you were doing something sketchy.

There are a handful of parks throughout Greenpoint. The three best parks are listed in order below:

  1. WNYC Transmitter Park-A gorgeous park with amazing views of Manhattan located at the western end of Franklin Ave. A great place to catch some sun, or walk the boardwalks that takes you out into the middle of the East River.
  2. McCarren Park- Is located on the border of Greenpoint and Williamsburg. The larger park in Greenpoint, is where you will find a great area for dogs as well as many intramural sports.
  3. McGolrick Park- A smaller park surrounded by beautiful town houses with a pretty center and dog friendly.

Subways: Probably one of the only con's about living in Greenpoint is access to the subway. There are two subway stops in Greenpoint on the G (ewww, yucckkk, the G train succckkksss) located at Greenpoint Ave, and Nassau Ave. You could grab the L train at Bedford Ave, but that could be a hefty walk if you are in the northern part of Greenpoint.

Car: Parking in Greenpoint is not abundant, but it exists. Having a car anywhere in NYC is a pain, but you could definitely have a car in Greenpoint and take advantage of street parking. You would have to move it twice a week though.

Ferry: Along the west side of Greenpoint, you will find the East River Ferry at India Street. This Ferry will bring you into Midtown Manhattan (34th Street) or Downtown (Pier 11). The ferry takes about 10 mins to midtown and about 20 minutes to downtown and runs $4.00 per ride and $140 for an unlimited monthly pass. The ferry runs every 20 minutes during rush hour and about every 40 minutes on the weekend. The last ferry is around 8:30pm.
There is a plethora of amazing restaurants/cafes/pubs/bars in Greenpoint. I asked a bunch of locals of their favorite hotspots and also did a bit of research on Yelp to find the best of the best!

Paulie Gees- Located on Greenpoint Ave near Franklin street, here you will find the top rated restaurant on Yelp. I had to try it for myself. I had the Monte Cristo Pizza which was TO DIE FOR. A bit expensive but very yummy. A pie runs you around $15 each. The atmosphere is very cool, but Paulie Gees is only open for dinner, and closed on Mondays.
Cafe Grumpys- Located on Meserole Ave and Diamond street is where you will find a local's favorite coffee joint, also loved by yelpers. They have other treats but they rave about the coffee!

Oak and Iron- Located on Franklin near Greenpoint Ave is home to a nice chill bar with a free juke box and a nice selection of beers on tap.

Cookie Road- Located on Frankin St and Oak St, is where locals go when they are hankerin for a sweet. Cookies come in a variety, plus a selection of other pastries and foods. They close at 8:30pm, so no late night snacks!
Overall I really enjoyed exploring Greenpoint and hope to visit more often. The views are amazing from the west side, and the uniqueness and authentic local businesses are a real treat. If you are lucky enough to snatch up an apartment by a family owned property plan to never leave. All the new buildings are pretty expensive and not really worth the price if you are commuting into Manhattan every day, unless of course if you don't mind a longer commute. Greenpoint in my book is a classier, less messy version of Williamsburg (yea, I said it!).

By: Sarah Hill,