Safe Neighborhoods in Brooklyn

A map outlining the safe and dangerous neighborhoods in Brooklyn

The below map outlines the safe neighborhoods in Brooklyn. The colors should be a good indicator of which is which, but see below for a more descriptive key: 1-4 scale, 1 being safest

Brooklyn Safety Map

(Please note this is based on my personal opinions)

1. Blue outline-These are the areas in Brooklyn that are the nicest, and most expensive. 
-Brooklyn Heights
-Boreum Hill
-Carol Gardens
-Clinton Hill
-Cobble Hill
-Fort Greene
-Park Slope
2. Purple Outline-These are the areas that are still nice, but a bit more affordable. 
-Bay Ridge
-Bed-stuy/Clinton Hill Border (not as safe east of Nostrand Ave)
-East Williamsburg
-Prospect Heights
-Prospect Park South
-South Slope/Park Slope South
3. Orange and yellow outline-Not as many young people live here, you would want to be cautious walking.
-Sunset Park
4. Red-Not safe, stay away, lock your doors if you get lost. 
-Coney Island/Brighton Beach (very well known for Russian mafia, ok to visit for tourist attractions, but be very cautious)
-Crown Heights
-Cypress Hills
-East New York
As with any area in a city that has a high population, there is always a possibility to run into danger. Muggings happen anywhere. The key is to not be flashing anything that is valuable, and to always be alert. The above illustrates areas that I, personally would and would not live in.

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