Sara was not only incredibly helpful in finding my first Queens apartment two years ago (found one the first week connecting with her after searching for months on Craigslist) but she's also been super helpful in finding me compatible roommates AND has done a great job matching with friends of mine looking for apartments.

If you're looking to move in New York and don't know where to start, PSONYC is the only true place to go.

Philip G. - East Rockaway, NY

Incredibly Helpful
Roommate Matching

I have reviewed many people to Sarah and all have had nothing but great things to say whether they ended up using her service or choosing another option. Professional, and genuinely interested in helping her customers to have a smooth transition.

The Scene: Happy Clients
Destination Rating: 10
Date Rating: N/A
Hob Nob Potential: 10

Note: Reach out to see if she could be of help for your next move.

Megan C. - New York, NY

I have been subletting two bedrooms in my spacious UWS brownstone and have used Perfect Strangers multiple times. Every time was a pleasure. Solid service, responsive communication and the matches were spot-on with my personality, interests and what works for me best as roommates. I would use perfect strangers again in a second and recommend Sarah and her company to all!

Michael R. - New York, NY

Sarah connected me with an awesome roommate and was really great to work with. I've been recommending her to friends ever since we met just a couple of months ago! Working with her is like having a friend in real estate; there's a great personal touch and feeling to the way she works that put me totally at ease and gave me confidence that I was in good hands. Will definitely be working with her again myself!

Erin H. - New York, NY

Sarah was very understanding of our situation and listened to our needs.

In the end, my boyfriend and I decided not to move for reasons completely unrelated to our interactions with Sarah. I will definitely recommend and be in touch with her in the future.

Sam K. - New York, NY

I have worked as a residential property manager in Manhattan for over two years, and Sarah is the most responsible, responsive, professional and competent broker in the city. I did, and continue to do, many deals with her. She brings top tier clients to our buildings.

From a Management end, there are plenty of brokers who flake, do not care, or never respond. Sarah is the opposite. Rentals with Sarah happen as quick as possible due to her loyalty to customer.

I would highly recommend her, and her company.

James G. - Midtown West, Manhattan, NY

Sarah Hill is super amazing! Having worked with several agents in NYC, I can tell when someone is quality or not. Sarah is top notch. She helped my find an apartment in Astoria and then helped me find some pretty awesome roommates. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to move into the city and anyone looking to more to a different place.

Trevor L. - Royston, GA

Never had I had such a great experience with a real estate agent. She showed me 4 amazing apartments in one day. Any of them I would've taken. I set on a great one with roommates in Astoria. I would not have learned about that place without her. I'm very fortunate and lucky to have had such an easy transition to NYC.

Lora G. - Claremont, CA

Sarah was EXTREMELY dedicated and helpful. I can not say enough good about the work she does.


Sarah Hill is the Fairy-Godmother of brokers. I didn't know anything about finding an apartment, and she graciously held my hand through the complicated process of finding an NYC apartment.

She found me a gorgeous apartment and two wonderful roommates in TWO days. She even helped me from Prague. That's dedication!

Most importantly, she always goes above and beyond for her clients. She got me a discount at a local store for all my furniture!

Sarah is a class act, and a true professional. You won't find a better person to help you find your dream apartment, and friendly roommates!

Kelley G. - New York, NY

I moved from DC to New York in July. As a teacher, I already have very limited time in my schedule. Moreover, knowing that I only had a few weeks between when the school year ended and my new job began, as well as being out of town, I had even more limited time to find a place. A friend from college recommended I use Sarah. She was absolutely amazing. She invested a lot of time in getting to know what I wanted in an apartment and roommates. She looked at multiple places a day, always checking in with me to see what I thought. Additionally, even though she had to go on vacation, she worked round the clock before leaving and even while she was out of the country. She was soooo helpful. I highly recommend her to anyone!

Kate H. - New York, NY

If you need a roommate or a great place to live, definitely check out Sarah Hill! I was looking for a place to live in the city and doing my search from out of state (Texas) and it felt impossible at first! I am so glad I used Sarah and her services! It could not have been easier and I recommend it to friends all the time.

She found me a great roommate and in a really great, yet affordable, place on the UES. She has a really great response time and the anxiety of moving was put at ease once I got in contact with Sarah. She literally does all the work for you!!

You would be crazy not to check it out!!

Lucy W. - New York, NY

Sarah Hill is truly a lifesaver! My daughter graduated performing arts college in Savannah ga a little over a month ago. Within a week of finishing school she had landed a job in manhattan , moved to NYC and was working! All good . . .except she had no place to live or any knowledge of where to look or how to navigate the maze that is the New York City rental market. ( yes, I sent my baby to New York homeless! That's the kind of mother I am!). While she was sleeping on the couches of "friends of friends" . . .i was in Georgia . . Freaking out . . .watching marathons of Law and Order on TV . . .spending hours and hours on Internet trying to find suitable housing in a safe , convenient part of NYC , that we could afford. ( impossible) . . Having never been to NYC , I was completely clueless and getting more frantic by the minute. Luckily I stumbled onto Sarah Hill and Perfect Strangers of NYC.

Sarah responded immediately to my email. Over the next week , thru emails and phone calls, Sarah explained the complexities of renting in New York , educated us on the various neighborhoods, suggested options for living arrangements, showed my daughter apartments, introduced her to potential roommates . . .and " talked me down off the ledge" more than once! Long story short . . .my daughter is living in a fantastic high rise apt in Queens, has a wonderful roommate, is right next to subway ( can get to work in Manhattan in less than 20 mins) , in a safe neighborhood . . . All because of Sarah Hill and Perfect Strangers of NYC. Sarah is amazing! , her companies services are extensive and second to none! She provides individualized attention to your specific situation and can absolutely " DO IT ALL"
I cannot stress this enough . . She is the best!

Pamela S. - Marietta, GA

What an incredible broker!

Sarah Hill is truly outstanding. I met with her for her apartment training to give me a better idea of exactly what I would need for apartment hunting in NYC. Sarah was incredibly kind and personable and was able to make suggestions on which neighborhoods I should look into based on my price range. Sarah's affordable pricing as well as her genuine care and attention to my needs made me feel much more informed and even excited by the prospect of apartment hunting in NYC. I would definitely recommend Sarah and look forward to working with her more in the future!

Julia W. - Chelsea, Manhattan, NY

I had to move unexpectedly and quite rapidly this last December, and I was afraid I wouldn't secure an apartment before going home for the winter break. Coming from a bad housing experience (which caused me to move), and after two weeks of apartment hunting (involving one shady broker that suddenly backed out and disappeared), you'll understand I was quite desperate.

I found an ad on craigslist from Sarah, saying she had rounded up 3 roommates and needed the last one to close the deal. Let me tell you how efficiently this went: I responded to the ad tuesday night, was seeing the apartment wednesday night, sent the paperwork on thursday, was approved on Friday and moved in on Saturday. This means from the moment I contacted Sarah saying I had liked the apartment, she solved my situation within 24 hours.

I especially liked the fact that although there could have been some haste to finish the deal, Sarah gave priority to how the roommates and I felt about moving together, and made sure we all met each other and talked about our expectations *before* deciding. Also, her degree of responsiveness is quite good, and it was a refreshing change from my prior apartment hunting experiences.

I'd definitely recommend Sarah as a roommate matchmaker and as a broker. Apartment hunting can be a nightmare in this city, and she's quite helpful in making it smooth.

Eduardo C. - Brooklyn, NY

Sarah Hill is the best real estate agent you will find in NYC. I was completely new to NYC and a friend recommended her blog to me. Sarah found me an apartment and 3 roommates in one week. My roommates are amazing and my apartment is bigger and under the price I was expecting to pay. Sarah really knows the market and finds you exactly what you need in your price range. She really has an intuition for who would be a great roommate for you. Thanks Sarah!!!

Michelle D. - Union Square, Manhattan, NY

Both personable and professional, Sarah Hill is an absolute pleasure to work with. She found me the perfect apartment in Queens and two perfect roommates. Her fee (even from this non-New Yorker's perspective) was quite reasonable.

Free advice: move to Astoria. I love it here.

Allison M. - New York, NY

Sarah Hill is amazing!!!!

I was on a time crunch before I moved here and only had 2.5 weeks to find a place or else I would be homeless. Endless searching on Craigslist paid off when I came across a listing that my now roommate posted.

I contacted Sarah via Facebook and had a phone interview with her to see if I would match with my current roommates. Not only is Sarah a successful roommate matchmaker, she is an awesome broker! Her fee is very reasonable compared to the absurd amounts that you would be paying through other brokers (who would also most likely try to scam you).

She is very professional and went through everything with us in perfect detail. Along with finding us the most amazing apartment.. she also gave us advice for furniture and information about the area we are living now.

Sarah is truly a blessing and I would recommend her to anyone I know who is searching for an apartment. She is honest and easy to relate to because she was once in your shoes. So don't hesitate to contact her and let her know what you are looking for!

Thank you Sarah for all your help! Keep up the good work :)

Mindy T. - Astoria, Queens, NY

Ohhhh myyy GAHHH, words cannot describe how much of a lifesaver Sarah Hill is.

While my roommate and I didn't take advantage of Sarah's roommate matchmaking services, she did find us an AMAZING apartment.

If you've ever been plagued with the terrible NYC apartment search, you know how shady brokers can be. After viewing countless apartments and dealing with the slimiest of the slime, my roommate and I were feeling incredibly disheartened. That is....until the heavens opened.

From the start, Sarah was incredibly honest and friendly. She showed us an apartment in the LES and we immediately fell in love. She answered all of our questions patiently and didn't rush us through anything. Following the apartment viewing, Sarah walked us through the application process step-by-step and made sure that she was readily available for any additional questions. Sarah is different from most brokers in the fact that she's incredibly relatable. I loved that we were able to work with someone who was normal and FUN, as opposed to the other used car sales broker types.

Added bonus- Sarah's fee is incredibly reasonable compared to most NYC brokers who will never put half the care or effort that Sarah puts in to her clients. I HIGHLY recommend Sarah for any apartment search/roommate needs. My roommate and I could not be happier with our new spot :)

Kayleigh W. - Manhattan, NY

Sarah is an angel! Thanks to her, my rushed move to NYC was as painless as possible. I tried searching for apartments on my own using various websites, but never found anything worthwhile. As soon as I learned about Sarah and agreed to use her as my roommate matchmaker and broker, there was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Not only did she find an UH-MAZING apartment, but she also matched me up with two great roommates. I swear she has a sixth sense! There is no one more helpful, friendly, and trustworthy than Sarah! I have and will continue to recommend Perfect Strangers of NYC to my family and friends.

Effie P. - New York, NY

I could not recommend this company strongly enough to anyone either looking for an apartment or moving to the city. Sarah is amazing! She is so professional but not only that she is really friendly and honest.

I initially contacted Sarah months before moving to NYC and she gave me lots of really useful information which I needed. Once I arrived here I phoned her to see if she had any apartments. She said she had an amazing three bedroom available that we just had to see. Two days later we saw the apartment and she had already found someone who we would get along with for the third bedroom.

The process was so quick and easy. I was expecting to be homeless and eventually end up living in a dump and paying loads of money for it but Sarah found us the perfect apartment, in our desired neighborhood, in our price range . It was totally hassle free and fast.

Fiona M. - New York, NY

If I could give this company 6 stars, I would. Bare minimum. Sarah was amazing - she helped my roommate and me both find an apartment, which was a three BR! So THEN she helped us find a third roommate who clicked with us. Like, we had choices. Just insane, considering most brokers are pushy and are looking to do the bare minimum to get their commission. Sarah went above and beyond! And she made everything SO easy. All of this, and she is TOTALLY affordable. Apartment hunting does not get better than this.

Abbie H. - ASTORIA, NY

I cannot imagine what my move to New York would have been like without Sarah. Finding a place to live ended up being the least stressful part of my move--a rarity, especially in a city like this!

There are so many variables to take into account when looking for an apartment--neighborhood, rent, roommate dynamic, commute--and after four fruitless weeks of trawling Craigslist, I was extremely frustrated. To add to my stress level, I was simultaneously planning an interstate move and looking for work, so when I stumbled upon Perfect Strangers, I knew it was the service for me.

As soon as I started working with Sarah, I felt a weight lift off my shoulders. She has a great read on people, and I am so excited to move in with the roommates she matched me with. The apartment she found for us is spacious, close to public transport, and on-budget--and we were even able to get a mid-month move-in date.

Sarah was always prompt in responding to my many questions, and went out of her way to introduce us to our new neighborhood. Thanks to her engaging personality, professionalism, and dedication to her clients, Sarah was (and continues to be) an absolute pleasure to work with. I have already recommended Perfect Strangers to two people currently planning to move to New York, and will continue to do so! Sarah's services are well worth the cost and more.

Kristine F. - Astoria, Queens, NY

I could sing the praises of this company all day long. I couldn't have been happier with the services provided to me by Sarah Beth Hill of Perfect Strangers of NYC. There is a LOT to learn about finding an apartment in the Big Apple, and Sarah had all of the information/answers I needed. She taught me a LOT, and even made what I expected to be a dreadful process actually FUN!

Her professionalism, expertise, perseverance and kindness all come together to make her unsurpassable. Working with Perfect Strangers will make the process of finding your dream pad one to remember in a positive light. I would HIGHLY recommend this company to anyone looking for new digs or for a roommate matchmaker. Love, love, love this company!

Marcelle E. - Manhattan, NY

I am a landlord that own property in Brooklyn, Ny. I placed an apt for rent ad on Craig's list & received a bunch calls/e mails from odd people. Then a received a call from an angel by the name of Sarah. Sarah is super professional, down to earth & all about making her client as well as the landlord happy. She made the rental process very easy. I am extremely pleased with Sarah/Perfect Strangers of NYC & my new tentant! I will definitely use Perfect Strangers of NYC in the future....

Kisha E. - New York, NY

When I hear the words Sarah Beth Hill, I hear angel! Sarah went above and beyond when my boyfriend and I were looking for an apartment. She took all of the anxiety out of finding a place and made it a celebration--as it should be! We are her biggest fans...and no, she didn't pay me to say that.

Cassandra K. - New York, NY