Hellos, my name is Anastasiya (i also go by Ana) and I’m a 22 yr old professional born and raised in Brooklyn. I currently work as a paralegal/legal assistant in a civil law firm in Westchester, and I’m working towards a degree in human-rights law so I spent a ton of my free time watching documentaries most people find boring or reading. Right now I live with my grandmother and my puppy, but he’s staying with her when I move out! and i’m free most weekends for any questions or calls!

Roommate Perk

i will share anything and everything in the common spaces and my things as well (just ask!)

also i come with almost an entire kitchen set!

Ideal roommate

i don’t have any gender preferences for roommates but i would prefer someone with no pet allergies! i like to keep things neat and clean in common spaces, i clean up if i make a mess or leave dishes before that night, and i like to do small cleaning chores throughout the weeks with one monthly deep clean so it’s less stressful. i also would like to potentially be friends with my roommates for good vibes 🙂

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