I am originally from Maine and moved to the city 2-ish years ago to obtain my Master’s in Public Health from NYU. I moved to Brooklyn during my second year of school, and went on my first non-US (I don’t count Canada, being from Maine) trip to Cuba for a 2-week food/nutrition course. It was such an impactful trip that finally made me feel like moving to the city was the right move, causing me to pursue a job here after graduation in the health field, with the goal of saving up some money for my next trip! When I’m not living my glamorous life as a 9-5 health administration employee… I enjoy squatting in coffee shops drinking unhealthy amounts of espresso, reading, netflixing, listening to podcasts, indulging in the occasional over-priced restaurant/glass of wine, and taking in all of the attractions we have both in the city, and outside of it. I also love live music of all genres (faves are the faux-hipster indie-folk-alternative-jazz-electronic type of stuff mixed in with some hip hop/rap and classic rock) but I will listen to anything once! I don’t have any pets as of right now, but I do love animals and pretty much get my fill with my boyfriends 2 dogs who reside in LI, where I occasionally visit for a weekend every month or so. My life is pretty low key, with the occasional burst of spontaneity, and I’m looking forward to this next adventure with some hopefully amazing roomies! 🙂

Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperk  is that I enjoy cooking and baking (and am so down to share because god knows I don’t need to eat an entire pan of lemon bars…), am generally quiet and like to keep my home as more of a sanctuary from the everyday stresses of living in NYC, though I’m absolutely fine with guests! I’m pretty go with flow, but do appreciate open communication and a respectful, cleanly living space.

Ideal roommate

I would prefer a female roommate(s) in their mid-20s with a steady job that plans to stay the entire lease term, is easy going, respectful, and cleanly.

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