I was born and raised in Philly, and currently live in Baltimore, MD. I love fashion, writing, and music, and my claim to fame is interviewing the Vogue Market Assistant in the Vogue offices this past October (2018) which was literally a dream come true. I’m working in the Sales/Communications field currently and will be transferring to a position similar this upcoming Fall. I love traveling! Especially solo trips. And I love to eat and try new foods and experience different cultures. I will keep a pretty steady work schedule during the week and occasionally stay at home on weekends/go out on weekends. I’m looking for a move-in around Sept. 1st (give or take a week).

Roommate Perk

Someone who is in to the fashion/music/entertainment industries, someone who is fairly clean, keeps to themselves but is also friendly/social, someone who likes to cook, someone who keeps a full-time schedule during the week, someone who is creative!

Ideal roommate

Female or LGBTQ+ Male, age doesn’t matter, not a fan of throwing parties all the time (or really ever), definitely okay with hosting people sometimes but not for weeks at a time, do not like cigarettes in the house, need to be clean or fairly clean in regards to housework and picking up after themselves, should be friendly but also needs to be okay with personal space.

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