I grew up in Boston but have moved around the past few years for grad/school work. I got my MBA last year from Arizona State in Phoenix and joined a 2 year leadership development program with Bank of America, right after I graduated. My first rotation as part of the program was in corporate headquarters in Charlotte working in training & development. This is my 2nd and final rotation, before I place out into a full time permanent role, upon program completion next year. This role is a general mgmt role. My schedule varies day to day, as I have to go out into Bank branches, overseeing performance & operations. Some days I may work from home in the morning and head out mid-morning to do visits, other days I’m out the door at 7:30am and not back till 7pm. Some days I am out the door at 7 and then back at 4 finishing up the day from home.

I’m friendly and outgoing. I’m clean and value cleanliness. There will be clutter in my room but I leave no clutter in common areas.

I am considerate and value open communication. I.e. If I’ve hogged the laundry for several days or need to do lots of loads, I’ll give a heads up and ask if my roomie needs. If I’m going to have someone come over, I’ll give a few hours heads up at minimum. If I notice my roomie cleaned, I’ll say thank you and make a note to do that chore next time it needs to be done.

I know how to let some things go and understand that when two adult strangers are living together (or even close friends, relatives, partners etc), there will inevitably be things that are frustrating/annoying and it’s important to compromise and assume positive intent. I.e. my roommate now is very clean but she never takes the hair out of the shower. I always have to clean it up for her. I don’t mind because otherwise she does a great job picking up after herself and maintaining the common areas.

I do not like passive aggression–I prefer open, direct, respectful communication. I believe you can confront someone without being confrontational.

Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperk is that I’m a great listener and problem solver. I’m usually the roomie that will hear you vent about your day`!

I’m an extrovert so if you like to invite people over, usually I won’t mind and can have a conversation with just about anyone.

I’m happy to share food and wine 🙂

Ideal roommate

Can be introverted and need lots of alone time, as long as they are able to carry a conversation sometimes and not be weird
Someone I can have a glass of wine with from time to time and/or watch a movie
Non-smoker (420 is ok as long as it’s not more than a couple times a month)
Past the party phase and one night stand phase
Will be considerate when bringing romantic partners over
Open to compromise

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