Hi! I’m 26, originally from Charleston, and have lived in NYC for 3 years this summer. I currently work in e-commerce for a fashion retailer in midtown.

As a roommate, I consider myself very clean and often keep to myself. I don’t need to be best friends with my roommate, but it would be nice to occasionally hangout both in and out of the apartment. On weeknights I typically go to the gym after work and watch TV in my room (all things Bravo) or read afterwards. I’m not one to host parties (maybe that’s because I live so far uptown!) but am not opposed to hosting occasional wine nights or dinners for friends if my roommate and I both agree to it. On weekends I enjoy going to dinner, drinks, and events with friends!

Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperk is that I have a full set of living room furniture to contribute and a Costco membership. I also enjoy baking – sometimes for events and sometimes just because!

Ideal roommate

Ideal roommate is a female professional (also open to full time students) in their mid 20s. Non smoker, prioritizes a clean apartment, shares responsibilities/apartment purchases, mature and nice to be around! It’s also important to me in a small NYC apartment to have a roommate that doesn’t have long term guests or boyfriends/partners as live-ins.

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