I’m 24 and just graduated from Columbia’s Teachers College with a master’s in neuroscience. I went to NYU for undergrad, so I’ve been in the city for 6 years now. I work full-time in the Bronx on health psychology research, and in my free time, I work on a bunch of other research projects and am the research director for a non-profit focusing on unsheltered homelessness in NYC. I have two very sweet, low-key, friendly cats (pics attached). Like my cats, I think I’m a pretty chill, clean roommate. I work a lot during the week and sometimes on weekends. When I’m home, I generally just hang out, cook, and Netflix. I’m happy to be social with my roommates or keep to myself, whatever works for them 🙂

Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperk  is that I make pretty great avocado brownies (that I will share of course!). I’m not home much, and I’ve never had a roommate conflict in 6 years of living with roommates, so I think I’m a pretty easy person to live with!

Ideal roommate

-Any gender
-I like to keep things clean, but I can and have lived with messy people (as long as they let me clean the common spaces)
-Needs to like or at least tolerate my cats and be respectful of basic cat safety, such as not leaving windows open for them to escape or not leaving food out on the counter that could make them sick
-I think I’m pretty friendly and am down to be anything from great friends to cordial/respectful roommates. It doesn’t matter to me, though I wouldn’t mind living with friendly people 🙂
-No smoking in the apartment (420 is ok on occasion but not in common spaces). I don’t smoke myself.
-Can’t have other pets because my cats may not take well to other animals

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