Hey! My name is Demitrius. I am an Aquarius (zodiac freaks), I like to spend my free time listening to music and painting on canvas. I am currently enrolled full time at Baruch College, majoring in Finance. Ooh! and I work at Veterinary ER. (pet friendly)

Roommate Perk

I stay out the way for the most part. Very chill laid back type dude. Not a fan of drama or gossip. How about we go to a Music festival when COVID is over? Nice.

Ideal roommate

I would appreciate respectful personnel. Drinking my juice without asking, playing music loud after 1am, having random people inside the apartment on multiple occasions are deal breakers.

Also, health conscious people are preferred. I’m looking to change my diet to a more healthy lifestyle. Having roommates on the same timing would benefit us all in being discipline.

Apartment applying for