I have been born and raised in India (Delhi). I have graduated from UMass, Amherst after finishing my Masters in Computer Science and I would be moving to NYC in June 2019 to start working as a Machine Learning Software Engineer at Etsy. I like to read (CS, Math, Physics, Psychology, Philosophy), cook (Indian, Italian), binge-watch (fav genre: crime, mystery) and go out (restaurants, museums, weekend trips).
I don’t have any pets. My mother plans to visit in September for a couple of weeks. And there might be a friend or two who might stay with me when they arrive in New York but it would be a rare occasion — once in two or three months.

Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperk is that I have a telescope in my room we can gaze at stars. I can fix your computer or make a website for you over some weekend — ahem ahem I am Computer Science Engineer. I make delicious Indian food too. And don’t forget I am always ready for weekend trips anywhere in the US. I don’t mind if you have people coming over to stay overnight or otherwise as long as they respect the presence of all roommates.

Ideal roommate

Gender: prefer a male.
Personality: Nerdy and creative/artistic person — probably an entrepreneur, an engineer, an MBA grad, a lawyer. Quiet, fun and calm at home yet outgoing and adventurous.
Cleanliness: Kitchen — almost daily, Restroom — weekly, Common area — biweekly, personal room — monthly.
Deal breaker: I want a roommate who has no pets. Listening to music loudly except during bath or occasional party.

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