Hi! I am a 24 yr old grad student who is very outgoing and respectful. I love to explore the city, meet new people, try new restaurants, cook, and have wine nights! I am initially from upstate NY, but am currently a full time psychology doctoral student in the Bronx (who prefers to study outside of the apt) as well as work part-time at NYU. I am always down to grab a drink on nights when I don’t have an early class the next morning and would love to eat dinner or bing on netflix together during the week when I do! I enjoy hanging out with friends and am all about inclusion, so I would love if roommates were interested in hanging out on occasion or doing things with combined friends! I love venturing through the city and finding some cool place to brunch, going to museums, or just walking around shopping! I am very open, approachable, and drama free, so if there‚Äôs anything that comes up I prefer to just talk about it and clear things up immediately rather than letting them become a bigger deal.

Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperk is that I am a pretty chill person who is typically up for anything! I enjoy going out as well as staying in the apt and hanging. I am into having a comfortable and cosy home and would love to decorate and make our apartment look cute! I love making the rI love to cook/bake and am willing to do so for other roommates!

Ideal roommate

I am looking for a roommate who is sociable and interested in hanging out, but also respectful of personal space (preferably not someone who goes home or travels every week/weekend). I am completely open to having people over for dinner, a light pregame, or crash for a night as long as it is communicated ahead of time (and you clean up after them). I like to keep the common areas clean/clutter free, so a roommate who is considerate of the shared spaces and willing to help contribute to cleaning would be ideal! I would prefer to live with a female in their mid 20’s (23-27) who is also interested in creating a comfortable environment to live in and enjoy!

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