Hi! My name is Lisset, I’m a 22 y.o female who was born and raised in Manhattan. I graduated last spring from Hunter with a bachelor’s in English Lit and Childhood Education (meaning that I’m in the education field– teaching the young ones in grades 1-6). I decided to go for my master’s in special education- learning disabilities full time, which I started this fall. I am currently working at an NYC public school as a full-time TA!

For fun, I love to go out and explore the city, take pictures of scenery+food, try new foods, go to boozy brunches, bars, paint (nails and canvas), and go out with friends. I also have days where I’d rather stay in and binge-watch Netflix or just chill and listen to some music of course. I love drinking coffee and really need a space where I can study/work but also be able to chill at. Overall, I’m really open to trying new things or going to new places! Something not-so-cool about me is that I can’t cook 🙁 , but I would like to learn or do meal-preps at least.

Roommate Perk

I’m not sure if there’s a limit on #roommateperk(s), but if I’m allowed to list a few (haha)- I’m organized, patient, an ambivert (meaning I’m a mix of extroverted and introverted), I can totally do your nails if you’re into that (follow me @Lisset.Nails!), teach you some Spanish, take you around the city (also got an insta for that @Lisset_Took_This), and I’m super down-to-earth!

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate(s) can be male or female hopefully in my age range 21+. Personality-wise- I’d hope that my roommates are responsible, kind, and mature but can have a good sense of humor and loosen up from time to time! I would like to be roommates with people who are also clean and organized. Not necessarily over-the-top clean, but just maintain a clean space that we can all use. I strongly believe in communication to resolve any issues, and I don’t mind sharing things or splitting chores. I also would want roommates who are okay with the occasional overnight visitor and who don’t have an alcohol-free policy since I do enjoy a glass of wine or a marg from time to time. I don’t know if this is stretching it, but I would love it if my roommates were down from time to time to hang out at home or go out. My biggest deal-breakers are anyone who is rude, untidy, and too serious. Overall, I’d love to be friends and be someone that you can grow to see as reliable and trustworthy.

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