I’m originally from Greece, but really I’ve lived in the eastern part of Maryland for most of my life. I went to school at the University of Maryland and I lived in Seattle for the last 3 years working as a software engineer at a big firm. Now I’m moving to NYC to do more software engineering and carve out some cool opportunities while I’m in the city.

If I’m in the apartment I do love to cook a lot or go out to restaurants (I’m a bit of a foodie). I like to stay active, go to the gym, go out for runs, explore interesting spaces in whatever city I’m in. I read plenty of books and find events around the city to keep me busy.

I also like to go out with friends to bars, clubs, and concerts (I love good hip hop). I like to grab happy hours throughout the week and generally be social with good people. I’m goal-oriented and super motivated in building out my career and taking steps being more entrepreneurial and building a good foundation for a fun and happy life.

I don’t have any pets and wouldn’t oppose living with a cute pup.

Roommate Perk

I’m always trying to be a super considerate and love to involve people in events and groups I think they’d mesh well with. In a friends group, I tend to be the listener type so I like to extend myself and be there as a friend for people when they need it.

A random example of a fun perk of having me as a roommate: Since I like to cook, I have helped roommates and friends cook before their date came over for their dinner date and let them get the credit. Being Greek, I’ll be sure to find the best spots for good Greek food. I’m also the friend that fixes all my friends dating app accounts.

I’ll do my share to keep the place clean, cheer people up as they need it, be willing to go out, and introduce interesting people as I find them.

Ideal roommate

I like a roommate that is considerate and can be a good conversationalist. Male preferably, but wouldn’t be opposed to a female roommate. Likes to keep the space clean with me (but by no means a clean freak). I’m lean more introverted so it’d be a great match up to be with a more extroverted roommate to go out to the bars with and meet people on occasion.

It’d be great to find someone that is also very motivated in career and health and is generally optimistic. Entrepreneurial-minded roommate would be cool.

Deal breakers: Emotions are contagious – I wouldn’t want to live with someone that is super negative or inconsiderate. Is a real mess to deal with when drunk or super opposed to having a friend or date over from time to time.

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