I am a soon to be Tufts University graduate originally from Minneapolis, MN majoring in biopsychology and minoring in studio art and science, technology, and society! I will be starting full-time as a lab manager at a psychology lab at NYU on June 1 where I plan to be for 1-2 years while I prepare for graduate school. I currently work at the Tufts Department of Music doing graphic design and media & publicity, and as a research associate at Harvard and the MIT Media Lab. When I’m not working I love to draw, take photos, cook, visit new restaurants, and bird watch :).  I have lived in a 5 person house for the past 2 years and a 6 person suite and dorm before that, so I have good experience living with others. I think i’m generally pretty laidback as a housemate, although I do like to keep common areas relatively clean and organized. While at home I’m usually pretty quiet and keep to myself in my room on my computer, but can enjoy lowkey roommate chats and hangs, having drinks, and small gatherings if other people want to!

Roommate Perk

#Myoommateperk is that It’s likely that I will be at work a lot and for most of the day (probably normal 9-6 hours), and am quiet when I am home. I’ll usually take it upon my self to straighten out common areas like the living room/kitchen/doing dishes if it’s starting to look messy! I won’t be having a lot of people over because I’m starting fresh in NY.

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate would be someone younger (under 35); occupation doesn’t matter. I would prefer to live in a majority non-male household, but I’ve lived with guys before too so I’m not too picky! I would like my roommate(s) to be relatively quiet during most times (I’m fine the occasional party though!), clean and respectful (especially of shared areas), and responsible in holding up their ends of taking care of the place, and respectful other people’s belongings and space/time.

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