I’m a 23-year-old software engineer new grad from Michigan who moved to the city 6 months ago in September, but I’m ready to move somewhere closer to my workplace in Manhattan. I like to watch action movies and tv, play video games, or work out in my free time. I want to discover new places, people, and stuff to do while living in the city. I am interested in the usual pastimes like museums, concerts, comedy clubs, and bars but am also kind of want to try out unique activities like axe throwing and rock climbing sometime. During the week I work 9-5 (sometimes to 6), go to the gym, make dinner, and sometimes I won’t have the energy to socialize but most of the time I am pretty friendly. I am not a great cook(usually just some chicken in the instapot) but would love if the new roomie could teach me a bit if they know how. I’m generally pretty chill and feel like I get along with people who are the same vibe. I feel like sometimes I will want to invite my friends home to chill (not a huge party or anything) and would like a roommate who wouldn’t be bothered by that.

Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperk is that I can bring some free snacks from work if that’s a perk for you. I know a growing number of good restaurants around the city if you’re a foodie and down to go. If we share a common interest in a game, movie, song, or something along those lines I feel like I can connect really easily and can talk endlessly. I’m pretty spontaneous, so if I’m free and not tired I’m pretty open to going to whatever if you just ask. AND of course, I’m a fantastic listener.

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate would be a chill friend who still had boundaries and respected the common space. Its cool for dishes to be in the sink for a day or a little bit of trash on the living room table, but in general, I would like these things picked up. I would also like for them to open up and not be a stranger and for us to hang out. I also like people who are able to communicate problems without being passive aggressive or overly annoying about it. I’d like for them to be a young professional like me early to mid 20s any race, gender, or sexuality. Another tech person would be cool for networking but not at all a requirement. I don’t have a lot of deal breakers but I don’t think I could get along with someone who owns a MAGA hat.

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