I am in the early 30s Female. Finance Professional – work for a Fragrance & Brands Company. Work location is the Empire State Building. Schedule is M-F 9-6. I cook often if not every day then alternate. On weekends I spent time to explore the city. I am neat and responsible person and respect others. I love to keep the place quiet and clean and am also a very organized human being. I have strong acceptability for all kinds of humans.

Roommate Perk

Like me, if you’re fond of names like Gucci, Burberry, CK & many more….. then you’re choosing the right roommate 😉

Ideal roommate

I am somewhat new to NYC – hardly have friends other than my work friends. I am not just looking for roommates but amazing humans who can be friends. I am open to people of all color, region, religion, sex, orientation, etc. I would expect others to keep the common areas clean, be communicative and responsible. I don’t want people who bring their party home.

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