Hello Hello!
I am a native New Yorker from the Bougie Down Bronx! I’ve lived in NYC my whole life with the exception of 5 years in Vermont for college and work.
I am the eldest child for both of my parents, and as a result, I am responsible to a fault. I’m also fiercely protective of my tribe (family, friends, and roommates alike!)
I work in healthcare/research administration planning and coordinating research related events and meetings.
In my free time I volunteer with an incredible organization called Minds Matter, where I get to mentor promising future leaders and game changers of tomorrow on their journey to higher education. When I’m not doing that, I may be brunching with friends, watching netflix, reading a book, spending time with family or something else pretty chill.
My Myers Briggs is ISFP. My Zodiac Profile: Sun in Cancer, Moon in Capricorn, Rising in Virgo, and Midheaven in Gemini.

Roommate Perk

Perk #1 – As a native new yorker, I know quite a few hidden gems to explore in the city.
Perk #2 – I am a really good a giving advice and always down for a roommate bitching and stitching (I knit!) session.
Perk #3 – I barely ever cook. However, if you’re ever sick and need soup, I will order you the best soup I can find.
Perk #4- I can deep clean like a professional
Perk #5- I can probably make you laugh

Ideal roommate

Gender Preference: a good-natured human; gender identity unimportant.
Cleanliness: we should all be invested in making sure all of the shared spaces are kept clean. I’m a chore chart kind of gal to be honest.
Social Aspects: i don’t mind guests so long as everyone is informed. long term guests should be discussed. if you’re in a partnership, that’s cool, but i’m not signing up for an additional roommate on the low. my family is important to me, so occasionally I may invite them over for dinner (roommates would be invited too!); but since I don’t cook, this doesn’t happen often! once every few months at most. really communication is key.
Noise: i can’t do super loud. especially without notice.
Smoking: do what you’d like but not in the house or upstairs. i’m all about doing what you please so long as it doesn’t negatively impact others 🙂
Pets: I like most animals 🙂
Sharing: I’m down to pool resources or keep it separate, whatever works best to be honest.

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