If you need a roommate or a great place to live, definitely check out Sarah Hill! I was looking for a place to live in the city and doing my search from out of state (Texas) and it felt impossible... Read More

Lucy W. - New York, NY

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I have reviewed many people to Sarah and all have had nothing but great things to say whether they ended up using her service or choosing another... Read More

Megan C. - New York, NY

Sara was not only incredibly helpful in finding my first Queens apartment two years ago (found one the first week connecting with her after searching for months on Craigslist) but she's also... Read More

Philip G. - East Rockaway, NY

I had to move unexpectedly and quite rapidly this last December, and I was afraid I wouldn't secure an apartment before going home for the winter break. Coming from a bad housing experience (... Read More

Eduardo C. - Brooklyn, NY

I have worked as a residential property manager in Manhattan for over two years, and Sarah is the most responsible, responsive, professional and competent broker in the city. I did, and continue... Read More

James G. - Midtown West, Manhattan, NY

I cannot imagine what my move to New York would have been like without Sarah. Finding a place to live ended up being the least stressful part of my move--a rarity, especially in a city like this... Read More

Kristine F. - Astoria, Queens, NY