I could not recommend this company strongly enough to anyone either looking for an apartment or moving to the city. Sarah is amazing! She is so professional but not only that she is really... Read More

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I am a landlord that own property in Brooklyn, Ny. I placed an apt for rent ad on Craig's list & received a bunch calls/e mails from odd people. Then a received a call from an angel by... Read More

Kisha E. - New York, NY

I had to move unexpectedly and quite rapidly this last December, and I was afraid I wouldn't secure an apartment before going home for the winter break. Coming from a bad housing experience (... Read More

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I moved from DC to New York in July. As a teacher, I already have very limited time in my schedule. Moreover, knowing that I only had a few weeks between when the school year ended and my new job... Read More

Kate H. - New York, NY

Sarah Hill is truly a lifesaver! My daughter graduated performing arts college in Savannah ga a little over a month ago. Within a week of finishing school she had landed a job in manhattan ,... Read More

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I have reviewed many people to Sarah and all have had nothing but great things to say whether they ended up using her service or choosing another... Read More

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