There’s an App for That in NYC

It’s 2017 – and you can pretty much download an app for anything and everything! Now we know that not everyone has that 64GB iPhone 7 (some of us struggle with running out of storage on our phones). So how do you decide what are the best apps that you absolutely NEED to have when moving to/living in NYC? Lucky for you, we know all of the best ones!


  • This is the ultimate store locator that helps you find locations of all your favorite restaurants and stores! You can see all the available locations in your area, read and write reviews on specific locations, and even see what stores have coupons and sales discounts!


  • No need to worry about lugging your clothes to the laundromat! With FlyCleaners they will come pick up your laundry, wash, press, fold, and even dry-clean your clothes. And they deliver them right back to you! Does it get any easier than that?! New customers will receive a $10 off coupon code.


  • Surcharge on Uber or don’t have cash for a cab? Download Gett – you get $5 off your first TEN rides! The best part is there is never a surcharge. This app is available in NYC and a few other larger cities.


  • Make moving easier by finding movers and great prices – you can compare, book, and manage your move all in one platform! No more paying moving companies by the hour. These are guaranteed prices – NO quotes or estimates! You can use their website or the app.


  • Spending the day in the city and need a hotel for just a few hours? You can book a morning, mid-day, or afternoon stay through this service. This is a really great app to use if you’re travelling for business or just need to relax for a bit!|


  • This app helps you complete all your moving related tasks- transferring utilities, updating accounts, forwarding mail and finding reputable moving companies! Check out their website or download the app!

These are just a few of the many amazing apps you can use in NYC. Check out this article by NYC Go with even more apps available to download!

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