Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village is a NYU students home for a reason. The charming village streets, a massive park, and the city’s best falafel. The apartments are up to par as well! Get to know this NYC neighborhood.

In between the East and West Village, sits a bohemian neighborhood booming with art culture, and academia. Greenwich Village is at the center of the village, boasting numerous theaters, iconic neighborhood charm, and the famed Washington Square Park.

As one of the most popular areas to reside in, Greenwich Village prices are steep, with studios and one-bedrooms averaging around $2,600-$4,000. Two-bedrooms range from $4,000-$5,500. Three bedrooms remain high starting around $5,500. The prices are often worth spending, when the streets are lined with charming brownstones, refined boutiques, and esteemed architecture.

The eateries also tend to be on the pricier end, but are often worth a fancy night out. From the French establishment Minetta Tavern, to one of the most famed farm-to-table dining spot Blue Hill, this neighborhood will not disappoint with food. The village also boasts a number of excellent Italian dining spots, such as Babbo, Monte’s Trattoria, and Villa Mosconi. To find a cheap eat, head to an NYU student’s falafel haven, Mamoun’s for traditional Middle Eastern fare. Arturo’s pizza is affordable, offering coal-oven-fired pies and live jazz music.

If you find yourself needing to walk off your food coma, take a walk to Washington Square Park. A landmark meeting place and a center for cultural activity, the park is dominated by the Washington Square Arch and perfect for people watching, naps, or reading a book. If you’re looking for a lively night out, head to Bleecker Street, the Village nightclub district. The street is lined with music venues, comedy shops, bars and theaters all offering a range of entertainment for a rousing night-out.

If you’re trying to escape the village, multiple options for transportation are available. Accessible train lines include the 4, 5, 6, Q, R, F, M and L trains. Additionally, one can hop on the PATH train to head to Jersey. The brownstone lined streets are perfect for a scenic bike ride, making your way through Washington Square Park and on to NYU’s campus.  You’ll also find the cross-town bus service centrally located. The five boroughs are easily accessible through the plethora of commuter options offered.


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