Hi! My name is Aaron! I was born in raised in both Harlem/Bronx. I like Harlem a little more because I have a lot more childhood memories there and because there is no other place like Harlem. I am an essential worker and I am pretty laid back. Im all about being drama free but am good when it comes to conflict resolution as well. I have been told that I articulate myself very well and i’d like to think that I can be a social butterfly at times. I’m also good at keeping to myself and minding my business too lol. I enjoy meeting new people, learning and attaining knowledge, networking, and am very open minded.

Roommate Perk

My roommate perk is that I am a GREAT LISTENER. I think that is why I am able to converse with almost anyone. Because I listen ACTIVELY, I am able to maintain quality conversations with most people. I’ve also been told I have a good sense of humor so i’m sure that helps as well lol. Im very personable and compassionate/passionate for myself and others. Things don’t have to personally affect me to feel compassion or to lend a helping hand if I can. I am very big on integrity, open honest communication, and respect.

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate is someone who is honest, respectful, has integrity, and is about solutions. We wont always agree on everything, but as long as we have open honest communication and find some common ground, a mutually beneficial solution can always be had.

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