I’m currently working in techsales as a Senior Representative for Cyber Security. However I love exploring the city, traveling, going out for drinks and finding out new foods. I enjoy a night in as much as a night out for great movies and tv shows.

I also like going to concerts and music festivals. I have a history of theater, making music videos and have been cutting hair for 15 years (such a big roommate perk).

Roommate Perk

I cook, mainly ethnic and Asian dishes. And as already mentioned, I cut hair and this has been my superpower over roommates in the past.

Ideal roommate

Don’t have a preference, though I have lived with mainly guys before. I also though have gone through an 8 year relationship, so I know how to live with a girl. I don’t have many dealbreakers, though I do need the space to be clean. I’m not a neat freak, but I definitely like a tidy space esp as I work from home from some days. I also don’t mind sweeping and taking more responsibility than I have to. I do tend to invite some friends over and do invite girls over if I am on a date – though I am currently talking to someone from the UK. So they won’t see me do this much anymore.

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