Hi, I’m Aaron! I’m a 25 year old guy working a full time job in marketing for a news company. My main hobbies right now are video games, fitness(lifting and combat sports), and going to concerts (mostly jazz). After work I like to go to the gym and usually come home afterwards, around 8:00. Sometimes I’ll head out again for drinks, but usually by that point I’m tired and want to cook/order dinner and either chill in my room with a game or watch something until bedtime.

I don’t have a pet but am very pet friendly. If you have one I’ll consider it a perk, and if you don’t I’ll probably want to adopt a cat.

Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperk is that I come with a lot of free video games, if that’s your thing!

Ideal roommate

I’m open to any gender as long as my roommate is kind, considerate, and open to being friends! I’ve always found that living together feels better when we can feel like it’s a truly shared space with someone you like, instead of just never communicating. That creates a weird vibe that I’m not going for. We don’t need to be best friends or constantly hang out, but a decent relationship goes a long way in making the apartment somewhere you want to come home to. I also really want to live with someone who is mature and a good communicator. We’ve all had the “passive aggressive post-it” roommate, and I am not trying to find another one.

As far as cleanliness goes, I am neat but not a neat freak. As long as my roommate is the type to clean up messes as they’re made, keep common areas relatively free of junk, and is cool with a sweep/wipe down of the place every other week or so, we should be fine!

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