I was born in the Texas, though I’ve lived internationally all of my life! I went to Philadelphia for undergrad which was my first time living in the U.S. since I was little and moved to NYC last fall to start grad school! I’m studying public health! I’m particularly interested in research methods and working with the university on sexual health research, and I hope to also do some work around maternal health. I also work for non-profits and the PA Department of Health as an enteric disease interviewer. I like to crochet, roller-skate, edit videos, read, and write! I like meeting new people and socializing and I’m very open to new experiences! I love traveling and hope to get the opportunity to do more in the future! I have no pets right now, but might consider fostering/taking in a cat.

Roommate Perk

I do not judge whatsoever! I love to cook and often have a lot of leftovers (because I come from a big family and I’m still not used to cooking for just one person) and I’m always willing to share! I like to bake too, but I usually always mess something up. I’m also big on cleaning and enjoy it so in the past I’ve usually do the bulk of the housework during the week.

Ideal roommate

Respect and communication is what is important to me! As long as we agree that everyone is entitled to the same spaces and that we should all do our part in making the place comfortable and safe then that’s all I need!

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