I grew up in Japan and graduated from an international school there (even though my family is American). I returned to the States for college after that. It took a couple of interspersed gap years for me to figure things out, so I’m a bit older (I turned 24 during the latter half of 2018), but I’m going to be a transfer student at Fordham University for Spring 2019, majoring in Computer Science.
I swam competitively starting when I was 6 and continuing for 12 years, and even though I don’t see many opportunities for it in New York, I like to go to the pool for exercise. I also like running (though I’m not great at it) and bodyweight exercises. For fun, I enjoy tinkering with computers and electronics, solo workouts, learning new things, and occasionally doing a little bit of reading. I don’t smoke, and though I like to think my lifestyle is relatively healthy, I do sometimes stay up pretty late.
I am on the quieter side for those who don’t know me, and I do my best to keep my things clean and neat. I don’t party or invite many people over at once, and respect for people’s space, privacy, and property is a big deal to me. I do like talking, though, and I don’t want to live with people and not know them well, so I do reach out and try to connect with my roommates. I spend a lot of time in my room, but I don’t shut people out. I speak Japanese, but not very well. I can tell you about the place, though, if you’re interested, and you’ll probably find some of its culture manifesting itself in my daily life.

Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperk is that I keep things pretty clean (I like good hygiene). I enjoy fixing broken things wherever I go, whether that’s a door handle or a light switch or a wireless router. As long as there aren’t too many at once, I don’t mind doing other people’s dishes, either. I don’t use my roommate’s things without asking or intrude into their spaces, and I do my best to be empathetic. If you need a workout buddy, I’m usually up for that, too.

Ideal roommate

I am open to living with guys or girls. As far as cleanliness goes, I think it’s great to remove shoes in the house, to not have any weird-smelling laundry, and to not have anything living in the apartment that shouldn’t live there (like bugs or obvious mold).
We don’t have to be best friends, but I hope we can at least be genuinely friendly and find a few things in common. Respect for people’s space and property is big. I don’t smoke (drugs are a no-go for me) or invite many people into the apartment at once (especially people my roommates don’t know), and I would hope for a roommate who feels the same way about that. A small gathering is totally good, though. More than anything, an ideal roommate would tell me if I’m doing anything that bothers them in any way; I’m always looking to improve, and communication tends to help the most with that.

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