Hey, I’m Adams. I’m an easy-going, respectful, empathetic young medical professional. I currently work in clinical research. I like to listen to good music, watch great movies (Gladiator is my favorite), hang out with friends, and meet people.

Roommate Perk

I enjoy small talk and do deep talk pretty well too. I’m pretty easy to connect with. You’d mostly find me holed up in my corner working or studying, but I like to take breaks and catch up on stuff if there’s anyone around. I have no pets but I don’t mind them. I cook, but not a lot, and of course, I’d like for you to try my ethnic delicacies! I clean after myself. I’m pretty nice to live with, you’d see!

Ideal roommate

Any gender would be fine. I just would prefer someone generally respectful and tolerant of other people

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