My name is Aditi Mohapatra and I just graduated from Cornell University this past May. I was born in India and lived in Singapore for a bit as a baby before my family settled on Long Island, which is where I’ve grown up since 1999! NYC has always been so close, but actually living there is just a whole other experience that I’m very excited for.

I recently started a job at Mount Sinai as a Clinical Research Coordinator in a lab that is interested in improving access to health education and cancer screening with under served populations. I plan to enroll in medical school in Fall 2021. A big part of my identity were the extracurriculars I was a part of in college. At Cornell, I was an RA, a camp counselor for children who lost/have a parent with cancer, and a peer mental health counselor. Those roles taught me how to better empathize with people and adapt to different personalities. Because of these experiences, I consider myself an empathetic and outgoing person.

I love art and creating art (though I haven’t had much time to do this while in college), and my favorite mediums are film and photography. There’s so many art museums I haven’t been to in the city yet and that’s definitely on my list of things to do. I love watching movies that I can analyze…recently watched Joker and I loved it so much. In February I acted in a show called the Vagina Monologues so acting again is kind of a dream of mine (but I haven’t really taken concrete steps to realize it). Also on my list of things I want to do but don’t have time for is learning how to play that guitar I bought and learning Spanish!

Roommate Perk

I lived with a room mate who was super busy studying for the MCAT one summer and I made her dinner quite often. I wouldn’t mind cooking for the both of us from time to time as long as the groceries I used were split between us (we split all our grocery costs 50/50 that summer). But even without splitting I wouldn’t mind cooking dinner once in a while as a fun treat! I also like baking but definitely need more practice so I’d need a taste tester. I also am very cleanly and enjoy cleaning! When I stayed with a friend this past summer we spent 30 minutes cleaning out an old cabinet of hers, I actually considered it fun! But I don’t want this to be taken advantage of and do ask for a fair split with cleaning chores. I hope to get a cat in the future, which would be 100% my responsibility. You would just get to play with the kitty for free! Of course, if cats are a deal breaker for you and you seem like a great room mate other wise, I’d be willing to compromise on this. Also since I’d live so close to Long Island there may be a few weekends where I’m away to see my family.

Ideal roommate

My ideal room mate is a young (35 and under), working female professional. Since NYC spaces are small it is important that whoever my roommates are keep shared spaces clean. I don’t care what level of cleanliness they are OK with in their own room, as long as there aren’t any weird smells emanating into the rest of the apartment. Male gender is a deal breaker, I’d prefer a room mate that identifies as female. That being said I’m LGBTQ+ friendly if this is a concern for you. I can’t think of any other deal breakers…all I ask is that you be considerate because I’d do the same for you! I value respect, communication and honesty, so if there’s something you want to do that you’re not sure if I’d be okay with (smoking, bringing people over, having a party, etc.) just talk to me! I’m a reasonable person and want you to have fun too. I’d like to be friends with my roommates, but if you are really just looking for a place to stay that’s 100% OK with me, you do you!

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