I am a CCNY student born and raised in Manhattan. I went to Fiorello LaGuardia High school for music. I am incredibly into personal fitness and work out on an almost daily basis. Before the covid19 outbreak, I would spend a lot of time out of the house hanging out with friends. As of recent, I just sit inside and try not to get sick. I am incredibly covid cautious. Although I am a friendly person who loves to chill, I also very much value my personal space.

Roommate Perk

Being a member of a large family, I am an incredibly good listener, and I will be great to talk to. I also enjoy cooking and will be able to chef it up for my roommates. Being a fitness enthusiast, I am also available to train with anybody who wants to get in shape or is a fitness enthusiast themselves.

Ideal roommate

I feel as if I would meld with just about anyone. I have no ill will with anybody and hold no biases. I don’t really think I would meld with a trump supporter, however.

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