I currently work in Homelessness Outreach for the Manhattan Outreach Consortium. What this means is that every week night from 4pm to 12am I am in a company vehicle driving around Manhattan with a partner engaging with New York City’s unhoused population . and offering them services to get into shelter, get housing, get food and other resources. Outside of work I like to play the guitar, mostly folk tunes, I also like to read, watch movies, and visit museums. I’ve been trying to get more into painting again and I’ve been dabling in reading poetry.

Roommate Perk

I like to cook and am an active and clean kitchen user. That means food for roommates if you are down.

Ideal roommate

Ideally my roommates would be clean and considerate of our shared spaces, meaning no dishes in the sink for days and regular garbage taking out. I would do that, so I’d expect the reciprocation. I’d also like roommates who are not complete ghosts, someone you could hang out with watch a movie get a drink, but you can’t miss what you never had so this is not a dealbreaker.

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