I am a biracial artist, New York City born and raised. I have been bouncing around between Manhattan and Queens for housing and want a comfortable space to call my own. I love to stick to myself but am very friendly and love sharing meals, movies, drinks, and so on; though, I sometimes have a weak social battery and need to recharge by playing Zelda or constantly looking at memes and making emotionally charged art.
Not only am I creative with a pen but I love being creative in the kitchen! I LOVE to cook and cook almost every meal I have, so you can find me in the kitchen often and rarely getting takeout.
I am a 100% cat person, even though I am allergic but dogs are ok too. I also have a ton of plants and am slowly growing my collection (20 so far). One of my dreams is to own a fixer upper house with a garden and be able to live off the land in some way!

Roommate Perk

I love to cook, I tattoo, sometimes I get free cookies from my job, AND I have spontaneous cleaning sprees and get the apartment sparkling clean.

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate would be any gender but super chill, someone who doesn’t mind seeing me use the space and isn’t passive-aggressive!!
No clean freaks but no slobs either, I don’t mind having the space look like people live there i.e some doom piles, coats, shoes, maybe you fell asleep and forgot some dishes- whatever! As long as there arent dishes in the sink for days I’m chill, although if there’s a dishwasher id prefer to just throw them in there.
one pet peeve of mine is food in the sink and plastic bags in the fridge! Making sure there isn’t a dirty ring in the toilet, cleaning the shower here and there… just basic hygiene stuff is important to me.
I am also not a big party person so id prefer the party to stay out of the home, but occasional gatherings are fine with me.

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