I’m graduating college here in the city in May. I’m moving from the Upper East Side to start post graduate life. In the summer I’ll primarily be freelancing in film/tv/media production, so my schedule will be changing week to week as I get going. By the fall I hope to have a full time job or a consistent freelance gig with a more set schedule.

As of recent, I’ve been interning for the VICELAND marketing team at VICE Media freelancing in production for their promotional videos. Although, my claim to fame is working as a Set Production Assistant on the last two cycles of America’s Next Top Model.

I like to have friends over and have a good time on the weekends, but I’m generally more relaxed on the weekdays.

I’m generally clean and like to keep the common space clean, but I’ll let my room get a little messy with clothes sometimes and I’m not one to freak out over dishes in the sink or clothes being left in the bathroom when in a rush. I’m easy going and open to communication about these types of issues.


Roommate Perk

#Myroommateperk is that I’m a great listener, always understanding, and willing to lend a hand!

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate can be any gender identify or sexual orientation.

I’m looking for someone who is super fun, excited about life, and loves to dance it out.

Ideally I would want to be good friends with my roommate. Love inviting new people into my friend group!

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