I’m originally from Saint Louis, Mo. I’m an actor/writer but my day job in the city is a waiter. I DEFINITELY have a heavy dose of all those southern/midwestern hospitality/charms so when I ask you how you’re doing I actually mean it haha. But I’ve also spent enough time on the east coast to know when to mind my business and give space. Because I travel for work, I still feel relatively “new” to the city and I’m such a big explorer. So that means I’m almost always down to try out new restaurants, plays, bars, music venues and all things NYC!

Roommate Perk

I’d probably say my biggest roommate perk is that I like a cozy home. I’m not a clean freak, but I really try and keep common areas pristine so everyone is happy. I’m a great listener and consider myself a pretty good sounding board as well. I cook (a little) and love to share recipes or just general cooking tips! I’ll make buttermilk pancakes from scratch that will make you see the light! Also I grew up in a big family and everywhere I go I feel like I like to check in with my people and see that they’re doing ok. So my roommates will probably get a little bit of that energy as well!

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommates are people who are kind, thoughtful and respectful. Both with others as well as with themselves. I also really appreciate open, honest conversation. If you got something on your chest then say it so we can work on it and move on. I don’t really care for beefs or pent up aggression. I don’t think roommates have to be the best of friends, but let’s at least try to find a way to not be bitter enemies.

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