Well, I’ve worked for Apple for 7 years and moved to NYC 2 years ago. I’m non-binary (they/them pronouns) and bi, and love movies, video games, formula one, guitars and art. There are times I can be a recluse and chill inside for a day or two, but I do like going out to explore the city too.

Roommate Perk

Like I said, because of where I work I might be the guy to go to if you need discounted electronics. Outside of that, I’m no-drama and like to keep things cool and chill for everyone in the household!

Ideal roommate

No preferences on gender. While we don’t necessarily need to be best friends or anything, it’d def be nice if everyone in the household was tolerant and respectful of minority and LGBTQ+ groups. I will say that I’m not wild about having outside (non-roommate) strangers visit in my home often, but as long as everyone’s on the same page and mindful of each other’s boundaries, we can definitely make it work.

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