I am a 30 year old Bulgarian immigrant that had 3/4 of a degree in Applied Mathematics. I am Mixlab NY’s chief Information Technology specialist as well as working as a pharmacy technician in between fixing the computers. A big reason why I am moving back to the city is to complete my degree since it is very particular to John Jay College and I am in the mean time studying for the CompTIA A+ Certification which I was going to use to get a job in IT until I got a job in IT.

That aside my dream job is to be a comedian if I could only get myself to actually write material. Comedy is my life because on my worst days, some Maria Bamford or Patton Oswalt really resets the mood and I cannot stay sad or mad. I am a bit introverted but I love to socialize and get to know people. As Taylor will tel you, I am big on rules and boundaries, both setting them up and respecting other’s. I love a good party but I am too old to do it every weekend. And I love music of all types because I am so surrounded by it. I also enjoy yoga and my guitar which are 2 things I am very bad at it.

Roommate Perk

The big one is perhaps either my Penne alla Vodka or the fact that I can probably fix your computer. I don’t have the time for gaming like I used to when I was younger but I hope my roommates wouldn’t mind me bringing out the gaming PC to the living room so I can crush their hearts in Smash Bros. There is a meme about IT guys not wanting to do unpaid off hours work but I am still so fresh to it that I would enjoy helping you fix up or upgrade your machine.

Ideal roommate

I do hope I can be friends with whomever I share a space with but I understand that for many this is mostly a financial decision. So if you can be nice, clean and responsible that’s 90% of what’s needed. If we end up having a lot in common and become buds out of it, that will also be pretty cool.

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