I work full time in Chelsea as a bookseller (a dream job!). In my free time I like to relax, read and crochet with my sweet FIV+ cat by my side.

I grew up in Mississippi, moved to NYC in August of 2020 (what a time) and I love it here!

My friends are pretty much all in the LGBTQIA+ circle, I’m queer as well and open to loving and supporting everyone in their lives!:)

I tend to get overstimulated easily with noises or bright/flashing lighting, so I try to live a calm and relaxing life:)

Roommate Perk

I can get free books from work (that haven’t come out yet) and really good discounts on books, as well!

I’m a quiet person until you make me laugh haha:)

I’m currently hyperfixating on crocheting SO MANY hair bandanas, so you can have all of them that you want!

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate would be someone queer, mental health focused and loves animals:) I’m not a big party person, so I’d like to not have parties at the apartment. Get togethers with groups for a movie, mariokart or anything like that is great though!

Dealbreakers would be if they don’t like animals, they don’t support LGBTQIA+ and/or believe in mental health 🙁

Apartment applying for