I’m 24 and 2.5 years out of college (Yale ’16). I’ve been living in NYC for these past 2.5 years out of college working in advertising. I am usually not home very often during weekdays as I work long hours, but I like spending time at home to relax on weekends. After work, I like to unwind by running, playing a few games of Super Smash Bros and a bit of light pop psychology reading. I am also interested in foreign languages. I am currently fluent in 4 (Spanish, Italian and French) and am taking Japanese classes at Baruch.

Roommate Perk

#Myroommatepark is that I caan provide plenty of Mario Kart races!

Ideal roommate

Ideally would room with other men. I am intimidated by people with Type A personalities so I would ideally live with people who are more laid back.

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