Hi! I’m Ali and I’ve been in New York for about fifteen years now. I moved all over growing up, and never thought I’d be in NY this long (I hate the cold) but here I am! I work in animal rights and I’m starting grad school at NYU in January. I have two hermit crabs, Draco and Gregory, who will be living with me. They’re super fun and sweet. I’ve been vegan for six years and animal rights is extremely important to me, so anyone I live with has to be respectful of that. (Bonus points for being veg yourself!) I go out sometimes but I’ll also be super busy with school and work, so I’ll probably spend my free time watching Netflix or on the couch with a good book. I also like exploring the city in the warmer months and finding new delicious vegan restaurants.

Roommate Perk

My #roommateperk is probably my cooking! I make DELISH food. I love trying new recipes and my fridge is always filled with yummy vegan meals and baked goods.

Ideal roommate

Preferably someone close to my age, between 20 and 30 ish. Any gender is fine. Someone clean and respectful of each other’s spaces. I’d prefer a left-leaning person, politically. And a thousand bonus points to a vegan/vegetarian. It would just make the kitchen/cooking a lot easier. Deal-breakers would be someone who smokes in the apartment and someone messy/dirty. Just be respectful and we’ll be fine 🙂

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