I have lived in several places prior to planning my move to NYC. I was born in India (left when I was 9), grew up in Massachusetts (left when I was 16), and finished high school/ College in Kansas. I just finished my masters from the University of Kansas. I am moving to NYC for a new job opportunity with an accounting firm. I do not have any pets. For fun I like to watch sports (basketball, golf, and football). I like to go out with my friends (restaurants, bars, etc.). I love watching Netflix and am big into TV Shows. I like to golf, play darts, drinking games, and I am not good but I enjoy playing basketball.

Roommate Perk

My roommate perk is that I am clean but I am not a neat freak. I will be working 70 hour weeks 5 months of the year. The remaining months of the year I will be spending a good portions of my weekends studying for the CPA/CFA and working at least 40 hours. I also love to travel so there is a good chance that if I am not working and have days off I will be making plans to leave town. I am very social, and easy to communicate with. I give amazing advice and I have been told that I am an excellent listener. I love food, so you can count on me to give good restaurant recommendations.

Ideal roommate

Gender, race, religion, and sexuality does not matter to me. I am a male, asian, hindu, and straight. Incase it matters to my potential roommate. My ideal roommate would be someone who is good at communicating. If I do something you don’t like you have to let me know. Things go bad when there is built up anger. I am clean myself and would like my roommate to be clean but I would not want them to be neat freaks. I don’t mind pets as long as its not a cat (I am allergic). Feel free to have friends over as long as they are not being loud at unreasonable times. I personally don’t smoke but I do not care if my roommate is a smoker. I just want it to be a friendly environment, where we can get to know each other and enjoy our experience.

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