I am originally from and grew up in the Northern Virginia/D.C area, however, I was born in Brooklyn, NY! I will be a teaching fellow at a charter school in the South Bronx and will be teaching as well as getting my Master’s of Arts in Teaching! I love to read, watch tv shows/movies, and am a huge sports fan! I enjoy being outdoors and like being active!

Roommate Perk

I like to keep things tidy (but not a complete neat freak bc I do understand things can get messy when we’re stressed, but it’s important to try and keep things clean for the most part), I like to try new cooking/baking recipes, and do consider myself a good listener! (my friends always refer to me as the mom of the group!)

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate would be someone open-minded, who likes to keep the apartment clean and is always down for a movie night or a night out in the city (when the pandemic settles down of course! I would love someone who likes to host friends every once in a while (again when social distancing guidelines lift) and who tends to have a similar personality to mine; I like to consider myself an extroverted introvert and can have my wallflower and social butterfly moments!

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