I’ve been living in nyc on and off since 2006. I’ve also lived in France, Italy, South Korea, and Chicago. I nerd out on foreign languages, early childhood education, and good food. I like a glass of wine in the evening and read or watch a movie, if I’m not out to dinner. I like indie film and jazz too if you want to join in those adventures!

Roommate Perk

I think my best #roommateperk is Spice the Morkie puppy who lives with me. She’s the cutest and very affectionate and funny! I’m also friendly, respectful, and not around to share the bathroom most weekends as I’ve recently bought a place upstate in Hudson Valley 🙂

Ideal roommate

Mostly looking for a kind roommate who loves my puppy. Moderately tidy is appreciated- regularly keeping most of your items in your space and rinsing dishes if you’re going to leave them in the sink. Wipe down the counter. Just do your part 🙂 Teamwork makes the dream work

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