I am 22 years old from Staten Island. I just graduated from Hofstra University and will be teaching Pre-Kindergarten in the fall! I love to travel, listen to music, go to concerts, read, go to the beach, crafting, baking, and watch Netflix.

Roommate Perk

I am a kind, considerate person who is looking to make friends with my roommates. I’d like to feel comfortable hanging out in the common spaces as much as possible and potentially hang out outside of the apartment. Perks: I’m very clean and respectful, I love to bake and cook, and I love holidays, so the apartment will be festive.

Ideal roommate

Ideally, I’d like roommates in their early/mid 20s. I’d like roommates who are comfortable and open to making new friends with their roommates, but are respectful and know when to quiet down on a work night. I would like to implement a cleaning schedule that we would all follow weekly. Deal breakers: overnight guests must be allowed, but not necessarily on an every night basis.

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