Im 22 years old. Love anything film/movie/photography related as I was a film student myself. I live art, painting sculpting. I play the piano and a few other instruments but I’m really into music. I’m a very quiet person and keep to myself mostly although I am always done to do something if asked! I don’t like to stay up too too late as I work early in the morning. I’m very clean and that is a MUST for me I really can’t do a messy person ahah. I’m totally okay with animals because I love them myself so!

Roommate Perk

I clean, I get free food from work, I’m very sharing and giving. Great listener and always willing to help if I’m needed. For ANYTHING.

Ideal roommate

Someone whose clean, quiet, NICE AND FRIENDLY. Someone whose respectful and 100% I prefer a female or at the very least one other female. I also want someone closer to my age range so probably 22-35 or so? And of course someone I can rely on to take care of their responsibilities

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