My name is Anabella Acevedo Peña, I am from Venezuela. I’m an architect, currently an international graduate student in the Master in Urban Design program at CUNY, specifically at City College. Also, I am a pianist and a musician, I truly love music. For fun, I like to play the piano (I don’t have one here in NYC, so I go to school to play), as well as running, see movies, go out to explore the city.

Roommate Perk

I am a very respectful, clean and organized person, and very quiet as well. However, always open to do fun things and share my Latin customs. Love to dance salsa, merengue and also happy to teach others. Absolute fan of karaoke nights (without disturbing others, of course). Love dogs, cats and plants!

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate would be someone that is also respectful, clean and organized, but also enjoys sharing with others. Prefer females, but males are good as long as they compel with previous mentioned values. It would be great to live with someone who also enjoys music, concerts and likes to explore the city. Smoking, noise and bad vibes are a definitely deal breaker.

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