Hello friends! my name is Anderlyn I am an Aquarius and I currently live in new york. I moved here alone from Florida after I graduated High school. I work online as a Medical Assistant for a psychiatric clinic and I do school online currently studying English. I am a creative individual so I am always doing something new every day. I am currently learning the Piano, and writing a new story for my creative writing class. Things I love to do in my free time would be singing, and dancing with my friends (we love renting out dance studios and creating fun new dances to show off) and I love to cook. I am always making something new for me and my roommates to try. I also love to go skateboard and learn new tricks. I am big on making new friends so I would love to have good relationships with the people I am living with.

Roommate Perk

I would say my #roomateperk would be that I am always down to have late-night talks or rants about literally ANYTHING. I love to go out with my roommates, hang out at home, watch movies, play games, or even bake. I am always willing to share and show my care for my new friends. I am also very clean, I clean up after myself and if my roommate is ever under the weather, I am willing to help out. I would say another perk is that I am flexible and adaptable. I go with the vibe so wherever I am I am sure to adjust.

Ideal roommate

My ideal roommate would be someone whos willing to also be a friend to me. Anyone respectful, willing to lend an ear, and just be themselves would be great for me.

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