I grew up in Hollywood, Florida. Went to college at University of Miami, got my Masters Degree at Syracuse University.

After I graduated from Syracuse University, I moved to Manhattan and I worked in advertising as an Art Director for 23 years. Currently, I have several jobs, I work for Madison Square Garden, I also work for a national franchising company based out of South Florida, I also work for three staffing agencies for trade shows and other big events, and when I have spare time I work as a background actor.

The benefit to any roommate is that I’m busy working most nights and daytime hours, so I’m hardly around. And when I am home, I’m a quiet person.

Roommate Perk

Someone that’s cheerful, and easy to chat with.

Ideal roommate

Ideal roommate is either male or female, cheerful personality, good with keeping clean and helping out to keep the apartment clean.
Deal breakers…. People that bring the party home, people that have a girlfriend or a boyfriend that becomes a additional roommates, people that don’t respect other roommates privacy / personal belongings, shedding dogs or cats, smoking in the apartment.

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