Hi, I’m Drew!
I’m from Colorado originally but lived in Honduras, Kentucky, and Hong Kong. I do motion design and videography work for Envato Tuts+ and other private clients. My dog is a 1-year-old poodle named Coconut. He was bred to be a service dog but I got him out of sheer luck. He can ask to go out, high-five, shake hands, speak, hug, pet little dogs, fetch his toys, catch, and waits patiently for his food. He is a purebred poodle so he’s hypoallergenic and doesn’t shed at all. He’s also spent all his life with tiny Yorkies and is very gentle with other pets.

Roommate Perk

Tech skills! I can fix the internet, show you neat shortcuts on both mac and Windows and help you build a computer if you want!

Ideal roommate

I prefer anyone who’s easygoing and cleans up after themselves. Other creatives in film, fashion or graphic design would be great! The only deal breaker would be lots of noise. I just need a few hours per week to record in my room but I can usually do that during times when roommates are at the office. I edit with headphones and I have some noise-cancelling Sony headphones to lend out if need be.

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