Hey there. My name is Drew and I’m starting my master’s in urban informatics at NYU this fall. I’m a lively and friendly guy, and a clean, low maintenance, easygoing roommate. During the week I’ll be busy with classes and work (tutoring math, interning) and would like to come back to a quiet, relaxed apartment at the end of the day. Otherwise, I enjoy being outdoors, running, playing tennis, and exploring in general – not a big homebody. I like hosting the occasional dinner party/game night (with roommates’ permission) and going to the bars some weekends, but I’m not one to ‘bring the party back’. Cooking sometimes happens but isn’t my strong suit, so my kitchen impact is pretty minimal. I like to think I maintain a good balance of being social and taking my alone time. I’m excited to be in New York and looking forward to living with great roommates.

Roommate Perk

Always happy to share and very considerate of other’s stuff. Low maintenance, active lifestyle.

Ideal roommate

Personable, LGBTQ+ friendly (I’m gay), active people. No gender preference – I’ve had great experiences with both girls and guys. I’d like for a clean and happy environment to be important for everyone, and that passive aggressiveness not be welcome.

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